Buy part of the historic Irish castle featured in Game of Thrones

A portion of a castle in Northern Ireland that featured in Games of Thrones is for sale, and if you buy it, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a scenic forest park with deer in it.

You can own part of Gosford Castle in Armagh. Image: Maison Real Estate

Part of Gosford Castle in Armagh is being sold with a starting price of £500,000 ($655,996). It was the setting for several Game of Thrones scenes, including Robb Stark’s execution of Rickard Karstark.

You can now buy part of this historic Irish castle from Game of Thrones. Image: Maison Real Estate

The mid-1800s castle was built by the 2nd Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson, and is a Grade A listed building. It was designed in the Norman Revival style and was occupied by the Earls of Gosford until 1921. During World War II, the castle was commandeered and used to accommodate troops and a prisoner of war camp was set up in the estate.

After the war, the Achesons sold the castle to the Ministry of Agriculture, who established the 590-acre demesne as Gosford Forest Park. This was later designated Northern Ireland’s first conservation forest in 1986. The castle fell back into military use during the conflict known as “The Troubles,” before being run as a hotel from 1983.

An interior shot of Gosford Castle in Armagh. Image: Maison Real Estate

The castle was bought by Gosford Castle Development Limited in 2006, who renovated it into 23 luxury residences. The restoration was undertaken with a focus on retaining the character and historic integrity of the castle, using existing features such as staircases and vaulted ceilings and even original colour schemes.

An aerial view of Gosford Castle in Armagh. Image: Maison Real Estate. Image: Maison Real Estate

The portion of the castle currently on sale could be converted into six luxury apartments, with each boasting an average space of 3500 square feet and with some offering roof-top gardens. A potential purchaser could also invest with a commercial direction in mind.

An interior shot of Gosford Castle in Armagh. Image: Maison Real Estate

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